1-Click Userform
Escape Spreadsheet Hell:
Create Excel User Forms with Just 1 Click


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Lifetime Subscription

To pay by cheque or wire transfer, or to purchase multiple licenses feel free to contact me by email specifying your address:contact@vba101.com
1-Click Userform is the fastest and easiest way to create customizable and dynamic user forms in just 1 click.

  • Integrated directly into the Excel ribbon
  • Modern, elegant and intuitive interface
  • Ideal for beginners and experts alike

Compatible with Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.
Product Overview

Key Features

  • The fastest and easiest way to add user-friendly input forms to your Excel files
  • Conveniently integrated into the Excel ribbon.
  • An aesthetic, modern and elegant interface. The colors and appearance can be changed at will.
  • Simply to use for beginners, fully customizable for power users.

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Product Details


With 1-Click Userform, you can create professional user forms tailored to the needs of your clients & colleagues with just 1 mouse click.
No more spending countless hours writing and debugging code. With 1-Click Userform, you get professional results, without any programming or VBA knowledge.

1-Click Userform is directly integrated into Excel through a new tab for maximum convenience:


The look and feel of each user form is can be tailored to suit your needs.
You can include only the features you want.
The end result is a modern, elegant, and fully featured interface for managing your data:

Key Features

A drop-down menu lets you the interface language. English and French are built-in to the application. Additional languages can be added upon request.
Two user modes - including optional Password Protection - give you full control of how the add-in is used. Especially useful for office managers:
  • Administrator Mode
  • All features are enabled.
  • Advanced settings are available to the user.
  • Lets you add all of the user form features to an existing Excel Workbook. The Workbook can then be distributed to users without the add-in.
  • Perfect for Excel gurus.
  • User Mode
  • Displays data from any table in an easy to use input form in a single click.
  • An clean, aesthetic, and ergonomic interface helps reduce data entry errors.
  • Ideal for Excel novices.

Distributable Files. With just one click, a new "Display Userform" command button is added to your file to make it completely independent of 1-Click Userform. You can share all of the features of the add-in with your customers, employees and suppliers:
An advanced record search tool:
  • Search in a specific field or all fields.
  • Case sensitive or insensitive search.
  • Exact or partial match.
All VBA code generated for the user form is open and freely accessible. In fact, it can be modified for advanced users and customized to suit your needs.
Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there an annual license and a lifetime license? What is the difference?

This lifetime license removes the need to always purchase a new version of the software, so that you always have the latest version.

  - The annual license is useful if you have a specific or one time (for example, to build a solution for a client) or if you simply want to try out the software before committing. You can cancel your subscription at any time either via email or through your account.

  - With the lifetime license you will receive all future updated versions of the software completely free. No worrying about compatibility issues with future Excel versions either.

What types of future updates are planned?

Besides ensuring compatibility with the latest as well as future versions of MS Excel, many of our latest added features come from suggestions of our clients. So if you're one of our earlier buyers, your ideas will be incorporated first.

Can I freely distribute my forms once they are added to my files?

Yes. When you click on the "Add UserForm to Excel File" button, the application automatically adds all of the code necessary to make your file standalone and user-friendly. You can then distribute your file containing your personalized user input form to anyone - even if they don't have this add-in. No additional licensing is required. The VBA code is also freely available, but it is quite high-level code.

Conversely, to receive all of the features of FormXL Pro (data validation settings, changing the user form appearance, and the ability to create more independent files) it's necessary to purchase this add-in.

I would like to install FormXL Pro on multiple computers? Do you have a fee schedule?

Yes, we have several pricing options (see the table below) depending on the number of workstations you want to have this add-in installed. Please contact us if you have further questions.

Number of licenses Discount
2 5%
3 7%
4 9%
5 13%
10 20%
20 30%
30 40%