Interactive VBA Training CD
Learn to write MS Excel macros and automate every day tasks.
For beginners and intermediates.


Online Access

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Key Features:

  • Create your own Excel applications and automate common taks to increase productivity and reduce human error.
  • Build a data management system in Excel.
  • An intuitive, logical and efficient training: spend less time learning and more time on other tasks.
  • Compatible with Excel 2000 - 2013 for both Windows & Mac.
  • “I am a fan! A clear and pleasant interface" - Top Assistante
Course Contents

General Description

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) is the programming language for Excel. By mastering it, you will be able to automate routine tasks, manage databases, and interact with users (userforms, dialog boxes)… In short, you will learn how to push the limits of Excel!

This product is inteded for people who want to automate repetitive tasks or build specific applications for other users.

Based on a progressive and interactive approach, this course promotes intuitive and personalized learning by combining text and video (forty), with dozens of commented coding examples.

Numerous exercises with full solutions are included with each module to validate knowledge of each topic.

Ergonomics and ease of reference were focal points for course. Convenient features include an interactive table of contents, an intuitive navigation bar, full screen mode and a code search tool.

Developed entirely in Excel, all of the code and algorithms (advanced level) contained in this training tool is freely accessible.

Course Summary

The syllabus is built on 13 standalone modules that allow you to progress at your own pace and in the areas that interest you the most:

  • Introduction
  • Your First Macro
  • Visual Basic Editor
  • Excel Programming Basics 1
  • Excel Programming Basics 2
  • Program Structures – Loops
  • Program Structures – Conditional & Logical Operators
  • User Interactions – Basic Message Boxes
  • User Interactions – UserForms 1
  • User Interactions – UserForms 2
  • User Interactions – UserForms 3
  • Error Handling & Debugging
  • Overview of Intermediate & Advanced Techniques

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